Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh crap, it's been a while since I last posted!!!

Okay, okay.  I have failed to keep you up to snuff on what I'm up to, since . .. uh . . . . just before I left for Spring Market in Salt Lake City.  Ugh.  I have such good intentions you know, but somehow I let it slip to keep posting to you all.  I guess that's partly because I'm continually suprised that fellow quilters actually want to see what I'm up to.  HA!  I am humbled each time someone sends me a comment on a post I've made, no matter what the comments pertain to.  It warmly reassures me that I positively affect the lives of so many others . . . others that I've not a clue who they are.  So I really, really, truly mean it when I say "THANK YOU" for reading my blog or just taking in interest in me, my life and/or my designs.  I'm grateful that I get to make a good living at using my very overactive imagination.

So, now that I have the sappy "sorrys" and "thank you's" out of the way, how about I recap just what in the world I've been doing since market, back in May.

At market, I sort of shared a booth with Sue Daley of Busy Fingers Patchwork.  Here's 2 examples of her work.
Cassie's Quilt
Pie & Tarts Quilt
It's important to mention this, because I'm in the middle of embarking on a new adventure with Sue and her designs - of which I'll tell you more about in a near future blog. 

So while at market (next to Sue Daley), her daughter Shannon was there helping her man the booth and we got to talking about her plans about moving back home (to Australia from Canada) to work with her Mom in the pattern business.  While she's "waiting" to head home, our brilliant minds came up with the grand idea that she and her sweet fella should come spend some time in NE Iowa, both to kill a little time and help get us organized to launch Sue's pattern line here in the U.S.

And bada bing, bada boom!  They hopped on a plane and a week later, they arrived in Iowa.  I mean, Iowa is surely the most highly anticipate vacation spot they imagined they'd spend their summer 2011, right??

Well, they are staying here at my Village Creek Retreat in between groups of guests and soaking up all the tranquility the trout stream valley has to offer. Chad (my fiance) and I have showed them all the "hot" spots around our area and this week they've trekked a bit south to spend some quality time with my Mom, Merry.  And believe me, they are well entertained at mother's - between the casino, jam making and the quilt shop, they are working off their vacation - HA!!  I'll try to round up some pictures of our adventures to share with you. 

All of that activity has brought me up to today, June 23rd.  I haven't been sluffing off, don't worry.  I've been too busy to even work on new designs, but that too I will tackle very soon.

There.  I feel better knowing I've clued you in on my . . . . uh . . . lack of postings, we'll call it.  So, now you can relax knowing I haven't fallen into a sink hole or a really deep pile of fabric and could not find my way out.

Til next time, thanks for peeking in on me!