Friday, February 27, 2009


It's official.

The gates of cyberspace technology have burst wide open here at Patch Abilities as I have just jumped into the realm of blogging. Who'da thunk?

A month ago, I'd hear someone talk about blogging & I thought it was a new term the kids these days, were using to describe farting or burping - you know, gas related. Obviously I am way out of the loop. Way out. Further than you'd imagine. You see, I live a life that's very sheltered from the new techno gadgets & gizmos. By my own choice, that is. I am not kidding. In fact, it was just 8 months ago, I threw out my old Zenith TV that had a pull-on power knob, with a number push pad (0 - 9), which you'd type the channel you wanted to watch, press the enter button, the number would display on a tiny digital screen & you had to wait a moment before TV would actually change the channel for you. I caught so much crap from friends, that I still had this dinosaur TV in my entertainment center. "But it still works" I'd say. It was my family's first color TV, that didn't have a turn dial channel selector. I took it from home when I went off to college. Back in the day, it was a huge upgrade! Knowing that digital broadcasting was coming soon, I decided to part ways with the old Zenith & I bought a flat screen TV that will probably last a couple years & I will end up cussing that I ever threw out the ole' girl.

But the good news is, I am embracing technology, starting with blogging. I see my blog as an adventure. An avenue to get and stay connected to all of you fabulous folks who are fans of my Patch Abilities patterns. I intend to make frequent postings that will give you a closer look at me, photos of my surroundings, what I'm up to, what new patterns I'm working on, what puts a smile on my face & what makes me laugh. Don't ya feel connected already? Yeah baby!

Seriously though, this blog is gonna be loads of fun & not a stitch less! My #1 goal is to infect you with the same zest for an ambitious life that I have! I call it positive vibes. So get ready for the ride, for the hounds have been released & I am blogging for all the world to see!