Thursday, October 4, 2012

How is Lewie?

Well folks . . . . . I'm sure I deserve a 'shame on you' for not posting new photos of my little babe.  And rightly so, because he is so stinkin' cute, that no one should miss out on him.  Boy, can you tell I'm one very proud Momma or what? 
Believe it or not, Lewie is now 8 months old - boy has time flown!
He's been standing up next to furniture for a couple weeks now. I took this pic nearly 2 weeks ago now.  He is fascinated with the bookcase - crawls right up to it, climbs up and paws at the books.
He doesn't stay in one spot for long though, because he has developed the confidence to take side steps and walk along furniture.  Gramma Merry tells me my days of plopping him in one room and staying put are lah-hong gone.
Yep, he is a cutie! 
So if you've wondered what I've been doing with my time lately, you're looking at it.

He loves riding in this little stroller with Gramma Merry.  And he always looks like he's just chillin with one leg flopped over the side like this.  I think he'd ride in this stroller all day with Gramma.
I have to thank my cell phone's handy cameral for all these photos - I don't think I'd have nearly this many pictures if I were left to my own devices to grab the camera all the time.  I've fallen in love with taking the pics in black and white - so much that I have grand plans of getting pic frames for many of them.
So - this is little Lewie.  Happy, giggly, growing, movin' and groovin' Lewie!  My Babe.
I'll post pictures of my projects in progress soon . . . I promise!  HA!
Thanks for peeking in on me, heh, hem, I mean us!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oooh wheee! Lewie!

I'm nearly sqweeling as I write this!  Knowing very well that this is long overdue, but I am finally making myself sit down and update my blog.
In case you haven't heard the news of the century, I had my baby boy back in February.  And, of course there's no question about it, he is the cutest baby boy I've every smooched.  Lots and lots of smooching!  So here's a recent shot of him in Grandma Merry's new quilt shop.  He's just 4 months so Gramma propped him in the shopping cart with (what else?) fabric.
Yeah - so this is the reason I've been such a slacker on updating my blog - great excuse eh?  I think so.
I did not personally attend quilt market in Kansas City since I opted to stay at home and snuggle with him.  Uh yeah, I'm that Mommy - our day consists of me singing "good morning" to him, when he wakes up smiling.  I snuggle him to the kitchen where we make breakfast. Then snuggle back into the livingroom to eat breakfast.  Then snuggle before I shower and get ready.  Then we head out the door to work or the sitter - snuggling all the way obviously.  I sneak in belly kisses whenever I get the chance - what makes a baby's belly so irresistible to a Mommy's lips?  I've no idea, but there's no holding back.  HA!

Oh - and Gramma Merry was so excited to feed Lewie his first bit of cereal.  Yes, he's already more photogenic than I could ever hope to be. 
 Well, I hope these make up for my slacking - though something tells me you understand that becoming a Mom means some of my pre-mommy obligations are falling off my radar.  Oh, I'm so so completely happy to have it happen!

Til next time - thanks for peeking in on me.