Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monthly Minis #5 have arrived!

After a very very busy fall, the newest series of Monthly Minis are ready to greet the quilting world!
These were just released at Fall Market in Houston, TX on Halloween weekend.

That's pretty darn brand-spankin' new folks.  In fact only the shops that currently participate in series #4 had seen the new series prior to me unveiling them at market.  
By the way, if anyone knows where the term "spankin'" ever came to be associated with "new", I'd love to know.  Perhaps it has to do with the birth of a baby.  Hmmm . . . makes me wonder.  Oops, now I'm off track again - it's a common occurence in this whirlwind imagination I possess.  HA!

So - now back to the new Monthly Minis.  They really are squeeky fresh and I'm sure you'd rather see them, than continue reading my ramblings . . . so here they are shown beginning with the month of January.  I'll talk about my embellishments in my next blog posting . . . . which will be oh so soon, I'm sure.

Their finished sizes are all 12" x 14" just like in series #4.  In fact, they fit on the same stand as series 4 - so if you already have a 12x14 base stand you are in luck.  There are eleven new headers that go with this series.  The Canada flag is for those warm kids North of the border who need something other than the stars and stripes to celebrate their July. =) 

Participating shops will have the entire series available beginning with January.  To find a list of shops, check my website where the list will, no doubt, be updated often as we are in the "shop sign-up" phase at the moment.

Can any of these be purchased individually?  That's the question most often asked.  The answer is no they can't.  Not for now anyway.  The reason, is they are designed as an entire series which are available only thru shops that have chosen to "participate".  These shops are required to purchase the entire set.  The other reason they aren't available separately is there is one large stencil that comes with the first pattern which contains all the shapes needed to complete the entire series.  Instead of making you buy 8 separate stencils (more $) for the series, I put them all in one convenient stencil to save you moolah.  See, I'm thinkin' of ya. =)

So, These 12 patterns will be available for individual purchase after June, 2013. If you find yourself, for some odd reason, not wishing to purchase the entire series, you'll have to be patient and wait until June 2013.  Oh, what am I thinking?  If there's a design or two you don't want, give it away as a gift.  That's a terrific idea.

There you have it.  The newest series of Monthly Minis.  As I eluded to above, I'd like to share with you, what I did for embellishments on this series.  But, I'll save that for another blog posting.  This one's getting lengthy and I'm getting hungry for lunch.  HA.  Hey, I'm 7 months pregnant, what can I say - -a girl's gotta munch.  =)

As always, I'd love your feedback & thanks for peeking in on me!