Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New! New! For You! and You! and You!

P138 Mamma Bird  12x14 - she fits on the 12x14 Table Stand (Ackfeld Wire) with the Double Scroll header
Not one, but 2 smokin' fresh new patterns for your summer quilting fun!

I have been busy.  Busy like a bird snatching up worms after a spring rain! 
That only begins to describe "getting ready for market."   I'll bet nearly every pattern designer knows this feeling. 
No matter how well we think we've planned ahead and have all of our bobbins in a row, weeks before market . . . . we get down to the last couple weeks and a tidal wave of tasks suddenly wash into your mind.  I always ask myself the same question  "why didn't I think of these weeks ago when I HAD time to get them done"?  Ugh.  I just laugh at myself.  Because it happens before every single market and no matter what planning efforts I make, the story is the same.  Laugh and roll with it, that's what I say.

Here's the second little cutie:

P141 What the Buzz?!  6" x 11.5" each section finished - fits upon the 6x12 tri-stand from Ackfeld Wire.
 There is a button pack for this one - - it includes all the flower centers & 3 bee buttons.

Both of these patterns are shown on the website: and can be seen right on the home page!  They are so fresh though, that they may be hard to find in your local shop at the moment - so please ask your favorite shop owner about them - I'm sure they'd be happy to order them in for you - - I mean, anything for an awesome quilt customer such as yourself, right??!!  Right.

Well, now it's back to my long list of "holy crap this list keeps growing - get it done" HA!

Til next time, thanks for peeking in on me. =)


  1. You've just added more to the list of Patchability patterns I have to have! I so enjoy them and have been collecting them now for about 3 years. Love these new ones!

  2. two more patterns I'm going to have to get and make. Your patterns are so much fun! I just don't seem to have enough time to make them all! Keep up the temptations!


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