Thursday, July 21, 2011

My home work studio

Here is my home work studio.  Wow - look at how clean and organized it is!!!  Yeah, sure, organized -  that's the ticket - - a little Saturday Night Live humor there.  Just skip over it if you don't get it.  (grin).
This is where I work when I'm home.  
I like to follow the blog of Whimsicals and a while back she posted pictures of her design studio which is a room in her house.  I enjoyed seeing where she comes up with all her brilliant designs and thought 'what a good idea - take a picture of your work space for folks to see'.  So here you have it.  You may notice there is not a sewing machine in sight . . . . that's because I only get it out when I'm working on designs.  
This is the first time I've had a nice home office - now that I live with my honey in St Lucas, Iowa - an hour from the Patch Abilities office -- I can and need this great home workspace.  Plus, now that my good friend Liz has become a confident quilter, I am realizing the importance of getting together with your gal pals for a little retreat. =)
So - now that my handsome fella, who's a carpenter, has finished this great space for me, I can  . . . . proceed to . . . . spread my crap everywhere!!!!!  Right ladies??!!!!!  Yahoo - what a trip!!!  Yesterday I brought home my sewing machines, all my sewing goodies and even bought a couple new cutting mats and rotary cutter for to spread across my space - -=)  I'm smiling from ear to ear as I type the words!!!!! 
This summer, I must confess, I haven't been able to work on any designs.  And let me tell you, with fall market approaching at a scarily rapid rate - I need to get the creative juices flowing . . .no not flowing . .. gushing!  They must gush out designs - - oh that almost sounds icky - - don't you wish you were here??  Again, uh yeah sure that's the ticket.
Well, at least you'll be able to picture me slaving away, here in my home office, tirelessly creating new designs for Patch Abilities fans everywhere.  
Till next time - thanks for peeking in on me.

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