Friday, September 9, 2011

Winners! Winners!

Earlier in August, I presented a few questions in an email newsletter, about how good or not so good my pattern directions are.  In exchange for the suggestions, I offered to draw the names of 20 winners who would be mailed a free pattern.  I was so humbled by the responses and feedback.  Humbled because the comments were filled with positive feedback and mostly telling me not to change a thing.
Whew!  That's what I said!!!

Well, sending out a request for feedback was a great idea and you can bet I'll do it again - so pay attention and your constructive feedback could win you a free pattern.  Yee Yippity Yowza Do!

I've promised more sneek peeks of the next MM's series - - I know, "where are the peeks" you ask?

I swear, I've been working like a rented pony to get them bound!  I have all 12 designs done for the  MM's #5 series (to be released at Fall Market, in Houston this October).  Now all I need to do is add the embellishments and design the new stand headers.  Ahhh, it's a never-ending cycle of creative wisdom that must flow from these fingertips.  Oh, yeah, can you imagine the pressure? 

Tell you what.  I'm going to go take a picture of one of the new designs right now and post it in my next blog.  Pinky swear.

Peek back soon!!!

Till next time - thanks for peeking in on me.

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