Friday, September 9, 2011

Sneek Peek of next MM's!

Here is the ultimate sneek peek!
This is not available now - - I repeat, this is not available yet!   (cuz you know someone is going to ask me where they can get this now - - - there's one in every crowd)

It will be available ONLY thru the Monthly Mini's #5 series - which will not release until Nov 1st at Fall Quilt Market in Houston.  At which time, all quilt shops will be able to sign up to be a participating MM's 5 shop.

This will of course, be the January pattern. 
The large snowflake is appliqued, but the little snowflakes are all Paintstik'd on.  If you haven't tried Paintstiks yet, you're missing out.  They are really easy to work with and in the case of this design they eliminate the need for small snowflake buttons - which let's face it - you'd have a hard time finding cute buttons this shape and they'd cost you plenty.  So, instead of asking you to spend $$ on buttons, I urge you to get the Paintstik set that will be available when you sign up to get the MM's series #5 from your local shop.  One Paintstik mini will last you a long, long time.  I barely used any paint in the making of this sample.
Besides, a stencil is going to come in every pattern - - so why not try something new?  Be a kitten.  Jump out of your box!  A whole new world awaits you.

So - there's a really good sneek peek - - that I've been promising ya.  Hope ya like it.

Thanks for peeking in on me - hope you enjoyed the peek.


Winners! Winners!

Earlier in August, I presented a few questions in an email newsletter, about how good or not so good my pattern directions are.  In exchange for the suggestions, I offered to draw the names of 20 winners who would be mailed a free pattern.  I was so humbled by the responses and feedback.  Humbled because the comments were filled with positive feedback and mostly telling me not to change a thing.
Whew!  That's what I said!!!

Well, sending out a request for feedback was a great idea and you can bet I'll do it again - so pay attention and your constructive feedback could win you a free pattern.  Yee Yippity Yowza Do!

I've promised more sneek peeks of the next MM's series - - I know, "where are the peeks" you ask?

I swear, I've been working like a rented pony to get them bound!  I have all 12 designs done for the  MM's #5 series (to be released at Fall Market, in Houston this October).  Now all I need to do is add the embellishments and design the new stand headers.  Ahhh, it's a never-ending cycle of creative wisdom that must flow from these fingertips.  Oh, yeah, can you imagine the pressure? 

Tell you what.  I'm going to go take a picture of one of the new designs right now and post it in my next blog.  Pinky swear.

Peek back soon!!!

Till next time - thanks for peeking in on me.