Friday, February 25, 2011

This Fish Has Left the Pond!

I can't believe I didn't make this my first blog entry of the year!!

Did you feel the cold draft way down into Florida? The unbelievable really did happen. . . . . hell actually froze over and I got engaged!!!

Here's a picture I took the morning after the big moment. Awwwwe.

How did he propose? That's the question burning a hole in the minds of all those that know me well. A funny little story explains it.

Let me start by saying we had been talking about marriage since the 1st month of dating - - - - we just knew we had a great, unique thing. So the topic of marriage was not a surprise, nor was it a surprise when he asked me to go along to the jewelry store. So here's the proposal story.

I had gone with him to pick it out, so I knew he had it but was waiting for the best moment to perform the proper kneeling bit and all. So I patiently waited . . . and waited . . . he only had it for 3 days before I began whining one evening, asking him "Chad, when are you gonna ask me?" I just couldn't stand it any longer. I mean that ring was so pretty and looked so so so fabulous on my finger at the jeweler. This sounds strange to my closest friends due to the fact that I very seldom wear jewelry and almost never wear rings. But, this was my engagement ring! The ring I thought I would never get to even see!!!
He let me whine & whimper for a few minutes, as I sat cross legged on the couch in my pajamas. So into the living room he strolled, with a smirk that stretched a thousand miles across. He knelt down and pulled it out of his pocket and asked if I'd marry him. I believe a few tears leaked thru the pure joy as my answer radiated from every cell in my body. Oh yes!!

So, the title to this little entry is fittingly titled. I am no longer in the dating pool, haven't been since last May and I couldn't be happier to leave the pond!

My grandmother has always told me "there's a lid for every ole' pot". She also told me "you can't make a purse out of an old sow's ear". Hmm. She's very excited for me and has since told me "I told you there was a lid". I'm sure these are loving terms that every Gram calls her granddaughter . . . right?

Thanks Gram, for having faith in me.


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