Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Robins are Here!! The Robins are Here!!

Guess what I saw?  Oh, did my title already tip you off?  Well, if it didn't then you'd better go back to the coffee pot and refill because you're still asleep.

I saw my first Robin two days ago!  Yeah, I know . . . I was so excited to see one I rustled thru the office frantically seeking my camera so I could get the proof.  Here's the precious little bugger!  He looks so cheerful bouncing around the yard, nibbling up the first bugs to stir from their deep freeze slumber. 

Those of you living north of the freeze line know what a newsflash this is.  Ones first Robin sighting is . . . well let's just say it is crucial to one's sanity.  Mine included.  The arrival of the Robin means that our long awaited spring days are nearby.  It means our snow will be melting and any new snowfalls won't stick around for more than a few days.  It means that maybe, just maybe I can go outside without 5 layers of winter undergear, sweatshirts, head warmers, gloves and winter coat.  Maybe.  And it also means I'll probably get over antsy and put away the sweaters to make room for the shorts, T-shirts and capris in my closet.  It may be a month until I can wear them outside but I know the days are close and that alone puts a bright warm ray of sun on my sanity.
So, to all of you who haven't seen your first Robin yet . . . keep your eagle eyes on those patches of grass peeking thru the snow, because they have arrived!  Welcome back sanity!!!!!!

By the way, I am one busy girl working on new designs for summer, fall and Halloween.  I tell ya that one little Robin really got my ambition all jazzed up.  I'll show you more when I have something other than a drawing and a pile of fabrics.

Thanks for peeking in on me!  Hope you see your first Robin soon.

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  1. Hi Julie:
    Please tell me that's a real robin and not a picture from spring 2010. That would be cruel to tease us folks in Canada. I have a birdfeeder just outside my bedroom window and I have yet to see a Robin. Today we have experienced snow, rain, freezing rain and the temperatue is going to be in the minuses tonight. I tend to pack for a short trip whenever I leave the house in the mornings. Thanks for showing us the pics.


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