Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The First Retreaters!

They came, they stitched, they conquered their projects!
They were my very first group of retreaters to stay here at my home turned guest house.  And they were gracious to let me stay with them as their "hostess" so I could be the fly on the wall.  Not to listen to their sacred quilting secrets, but to see what things I need to add, improve or modify to host all of the future retreaters.

Thanks Ladies!  I am grateful.

Here's a picture of the happy retreaters amidst their nest of . . . . stuff.

They really had it rough.  New beds were delivered just hours before they arrived.  A loaf of fresh home made bread had just come out of the oven an hour into their stay, followed by warm slices of bread slathered in butter that melted instantly into each decadent slice . . yumm!  Can't you just taste it? 

With the first fantastic retreaters under my belt, I'm ready to "wow" the rest of you with a weekend retreat!
If you would like more information on retreats here at Patch Abilities headquarters, click here.  And if you need any enticing, there will be a fresh warm loaf of home made bread waiting for you too. 

Til next time . . . thanks for peeking in on me!



  1. Congrats! Fresh bread, new beds and a new place to retreat! YES! Looks like it is going great!
    Fantastic! We will have to look ahead and get a weekend set up with you this fall maybe!

    Going to visit your Mom tomorrow or Saturday as we are retreating in Iowa too!

    Have a great day!


  2. Looks like a good time was had by all. Homemade, warm bread is always delicious. Thanks for sharing!


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