Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting the Retreat Ready for Ladies

So, if you've checked out my new website lately, you might have seen the new section that teases you with some information about a retreat here at Patch Abilities Inc. headquarters.  I gotta tell you all, I'm really starting to get pumped up about it.
This upcoming weekend (March 24th) I have my very first group of guests arriving.  Ooohh, you'd think I was attending my first slumber party according to my giddiness.  I guess my excitement is due partly to hosting guests, as I love to be the hostess with the mostess!  Spell check did not like that word (mostess).  Tee Hee.  I think the other part of the reason for my excitement is because the physical act of opening and renting my home to quilting guests means that I have another home for my main residence.  And that is with my handsome fiance and the brand new big chapter of my life that is just beginning.  How I love a new exciting chapter!!

Well, there are lots of things to get done before the lovely ladies arrive you know.  I needed more beds of course, as I just couldn't see grown women camped out in sleeping bags in the 2 spare bedrooms.  Perhaps they wouldn't mind sleeping under a pile of fabric . . . hmmm . . . perhaps I could have saved some money & filled the spare rooms with mountains of fabric.  I made a last minute trip to the furniture store (oh yeah, getting extra beds prior to 4 days before their arrival just wouldn't have made any sense - duh) to hopefully purchase a couple extra beds to complete the sleeping accomodations.  Do you ever get a feeling that you should hop in the car, on a moment's thought, and buzz to town to make a purchase you've been dreading? And you've been dreading it because you thought none of the stores will have what you want, but at that very moment in time, you just get a feeling that you should go right now and do it?  Well folks, I listened to that little voice earlier this evening.  I jumped in the truck and strolled on into the furniture store.  An hour later, I had purchased 4 beds and all the fixins!  And it was a cinch - no haggling - no sticker shock - it was quite pleasant.  So, you see - that little voice was right.

I wish I had a couple of pictures to share with you, showing the new beds in their cute rooms . . . . but it's all getting delivered just hours before the ladies arrive.  Talk about timing!  Sheesh!  I really like to cut it close - livin' on the edge, I am.
I promise to take photos of the fun this weekend and share with you.  Perhaps you'll want to come join in the fun a weekend.

Oh, and about my last posting - I got a couple astonished people asking if those Robin pictures were real or from a past year.  Those are/were the real deal folks!  Hope the Robins are hopping around your yard too!

Till next time . . . . thanks for peeking in on me.


  1. Sounds great! Can't wait to see the photos!

  2. Oh, what joy it would be to join you in a retreat. I have been collecting my favorite patterns and slowing making up one or two. Can't wait for photos and to hear how it all works.


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